Let’s Come Together

‘Come Together’ was created to support vet clinics in re-establishing and strengthening relationships with pet owners during and post the COVID-19 pandemic. The assets are focused on the key themes of pet vaccination, vector-borne disease, fleas and ticks and diabetes.  Stimulate the pet owner traffic to your clinic by using our unbranded In-clinic communication materials to help you lead the discussions with pet owners.

Nobivac Re-energization – Importance of Vaccination

We have created a digital toolkit to help you communicate with your clients about the importance of vaccinating their pets. Instructions are provided as to how to use the components of this kit when sending out client e-mails or when updating your website, social media posts, or blogging platform. Engage with the pet owners by showing them fun educational videos and leading the discussions about vaccination.

BIG 5 Vector Borne Diseases

Vector Borne Diseases (VBD) are increasing. The health of dogs all over the world is at risk. You are likely to encounter VBD you have never seen. This program gives you breakthrough resources to help you recognize, diagnose, understand and manage key canine VBD. We’re taking the “white paper” concept to an exciting new level by bringing design storytelling, science and technology together to create an engaging technical education program. We leveraged the knowledge of seven highly respected KOLs from around the globe. Join us to learn about this new approach to technical information and see the materials that are now available for you!


Bravecto® offers cats and dogs lasting, effective and safe protection against several parasites. Since its launch in 2014 and as of 2020, 175 million doses of Bravecto have been distributed in over 90 countries, becoming a recognizable and preferred brand for Vets, Vet Staff and Pet Owners, and making it one of the top animal health products across species and regions. Please keep checking back regularly for new assets and reach out to us if you have any questions.


Pet diabetes can be confusing and overwhelming for pet owners. That’s why we created two characters, Sugar & Spike, to help communicate awareness and management to pet owners in a way that is friendly, fun and engaging. From pet owner assets to the vet staff toolkit – discover it all here! Did you also know that November is Pet Diabetes Month? Use our social media toolkit to spread awareness.

We are Family

We are sharing a selection of assets from our Companion Animal Digital Engagement Program, https://www.weare-family.com, in case you are able to use the guides, infographics, various articles and DYI videos that will help you to improve your communication with the pet parents.